A Case for Keeping Schools Closed

What’s the most persuasive case for keeping our schools closed and teaching 100% remotely? I think it involves the national context, continued uncertainty, short vs. long term thinking, and the quality of education. Here’s why.

6/8/20 School Board Meeting Guide

School in the fall, racism, low income tax relief, the final budget, a new block scheduling at the high school, and special ed achievement were all topics at Monday’s marathon board meeting.

5/26/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Both teachers and administrators have volunteered to take a pay freeze next year to help the East Penn schools. This and other budget news.

5/11/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Increased class sizes, fewer educational materials, and more interest on district debt are some of the consequences of cuts needed to meet the current budget crisis. Get a full rundown on what was covered at yesterday’s school board meeting.

4/27/20 School Board Meeting Guide

The new (and grim) budget reality, a tax rebate program, the East Penn community pandemic response, and a turf field update were highlights of last night’s school board meeting.

Profiteering in Education during a Pandemic

K12, Inc. and its charter schools are siphoning tax dollars to private shareholders during the pandemic. Don’t you think we should be paying attention?

3/9/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Next year’s school calendar, a coronavirus update, the possibility of two new administrators, and budget planning were all covered at last night’s school board meeting.

1/27/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Next year’s preliminary budget and permanently preserving playground space at Jefferson were the main issues at Monday’s school board meeting.