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More than three quarters of all kindergarten kids in Pennsylvania, and in the nation, attend full day kindergarten programs.  Yet the East Penn School District still doesn’t offer full day kindergarten to everyone.  Read the articles below to learn more about why I strongly support the proposal to begin offering full day kindergarten to all parents in our community, beginning in the fall of 2018.


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​After reading this series of articles, please share your own thoughts, concerns, and observations about full day kindergarten in East Penn.  I welcome your input!


The school board defeated the plan to offer full day kindergarten at their October 23rd, 2017 meeting (see Full Day K Defeated in East Penn for details).  On November 13th, the school board again took up the issue, this time through a proposal to put full day kindergarten to a public referendum (see A Full Day K Referendum?).  After the recent election, the issue was again put to a straight up or down vote at the school board’s December 12th meeting (see A New Vote on Fully Day Kindergarten), where it was approved (see Full Day K Passed).

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