About Me

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for choosing me to represent our community on the school board from 2013 to 2021. Over the course of those years and since, I have spoken with hundreds of you to share hopes and concerns about our school district and our community. These conversations have taught me valuable lessons about how much we all share in common. Like so many of you, I understand the value of public education, the importance of both innovation and fiscal responsibility in our schools, the need for transparency and honesty, and the desire for district decisions based on facts and evidence rather than the talking points of our dysfunctional political parties.

School board members are unpaid volunteers. I volunteered because these shared community principles are important to me. I find it rewarding to not simply complain about our schools, but roll up my sleeves and help find practical solutions to the challenges we face.  I continue maintain this website in order to keep the community informed about, and involved in, our public schools.  I make information available via my blog, email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even text message

Ziad Munson

PS: Here’s a little bit more biographical info, in case you’re interested.

My Family

I live in Emmaus with my wife Amy and our two children.  My daughter Willow attends Lehigh University and my son Elliot attends Emmaus High School.   Before moving to Emmaus, we lived in Lower Macungie Township.

My Community

I’ve been involved in the community in a variety of other ways too, from serving as treasurer and trustee of the Emmaus Public Library, to coaching youth soccer, to volunteering as a crossing guard and PTO member at Lincoln Elementary School.

My Education

I attended public schools through high school, received my college degree from the University of Chicago, and my MA and PhD from Harvard University.

My Profession

I am a professor at Lehigh University (my professional website is here).