10/12/20 School Board Meeting Guide

A demographic study about the future of the district, along with recognition of 3 highly accomplished Emmaus High School students were the highlights of Monday’s board meeting.

9/14/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Status report on the transition to remote learning, Communities in Schools, and sinkholes at the stadium were the main issues at last night’s board meeting.

8/24/20 School Board Meeting Guide

School sports, staffing, and sinkholes were the main topics of last night’s board meeting. Plus some great advice from superintendent Kristen Campbell.

College Tips During the Pandemic

Do you know someone headed to college this fall? Then sign them up for my new and improved email series of tips and advice for college success during COVID-19!

8/10/20 School Board Meeting Guide

The most detailed plans yet for what school days will look like in the fall. That plus a warning that all of it still might have to change were the main focus of last night’s school board meeting.

7/27/20 School Board Meeting Guide

A revised, much-improved, health and safety plan for reopening East Penn schools has been approved. This and more news from last night’s board meeting.

Pandemic Education

Our schools, their approach to instruction, and their instructional practices were built around the very thing that spreads the virus the most: close, regular, sustained, interaction between diverse groups of children, teachers, parents, and staff. So what do we do now?

A Case for Keeping Schools Closed

What’s the most persuasive case for keeping our schools closed and teaching 100% remotely? I think it involves the national context, continued uncertainty, short vs. long term thinking, and the quality of education. Here’s why.