Introducing Bill Whitney

East Penn School Board candidate Bill Whitney introduces himself and his priorities for our schools.

4/26/21 School Board Meeting Guide

A bold plan to help students in the math, reading, and writing skills they’ve lost during the pandemic was the main topic of last night’s school board meeting.

4/12/21 School board Meeting Guide

Next year’s budget was the main focus of last night’s board meeting, including its implications on taxes and restoring some of last year’s cuts in teachers.

3/22/21 School Board Meeting Guide

Reopening K-8 (but not the high school), and the long range fiscal plan were the main topics at last night’s board meeting.

2/22/21 School Board Meeting Guide

Planning (and obstacles) to 5-day in person instruction and next year’s budget were the chief topics of last night’s school board meeting.

“Hey! What about THAT Guy!?”

Here’s why East Penn remains in hybrid, what can change that, and how it compares to other local districts.

1/25/21 School Board Meeting Guide

No major decisions were made at last night’s board meeting, but several students shared concerns about how racism is (not) dealt with in the district.