Lunchroom “Nutrition”


Most of the food served in school cafeterias is abysmal.   Students at LMMS, for example, are required to take a fruit for lunch each day, in the name of good nutrition.  One of the options?  Canned pears swimming in sugar syrup!   And this example only scratches the surface.   No wonder many kids have such a difficult time understanding healthy eating, given what the schools present as a balanced meal.

Making the problem even worse are the policies of allowing for-profit corporations to market and sell junk food directly in the schools through vending machines.  An article I read today suggests just some of the reasons why this is poor school policy: it undermines the minimal nutritional standards of the school cafeteria, stigmatizes low-income students, allows corporate marketing campaigns to penetrate the schools,  and makes understanding healthy food choices even more difficult.  Read more in “Ridding Schools of Fast Food, Junk Food, and Soda Pushers”

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