Make Sure Your Voice is Heard!


The East Penn school board election will be largely determined by voting in the primaries on May 21st.  And if you aren’t officially registered with the Republican or Democratic parties, you will not be allowed to vote in this important election.

No matter what your political philosophy, please make sure you are officially registered as a Republican or Democrat now.   You can do so here.   If you aren’t listed at that site in either major party, or if you aren’t registered to vote at all, fill out this form to make the change.   Don’t worry– the form looks more complicated than it is (and you need to fill out the same form whether you are registering for the first time or just adding a party).

Believe it or not, MONDAY IS THE DEADLINE!  Make sure your voice of support for public education is heard.  Have your application postmarked by Monday, or bring the form in person to the voter registration office in the Lehigh County Government Center, 17 S. 7th St., Allentown PA 18101 (map below).   Any questions?  You can call them at 610-782-3197 or visit the Project VoteSmart website.

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