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The results of yesterday’s school board primary are in, and I’m happy to report that I received enough votes to be on the ballot in November on both the Democratic and Republican tickets!  Many thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this happen, from distributing signs to making donations, to hosting meet-the-candidate events to giving advice, from sharing social media posts to telling friends and neighbors about me.   I have greatly appreciated all the support, and it reminds me why I signed up to take this on in the first place.

Congratulations too to all the candidates who were willing to put their names out there for this important service to the community.  Adam Smith, Alisa Bowman, Alan Earnshaw, and Ellen Lewis will join me on the ballot in November.   And I hope we see Wally Vinovskis and Sherrine Eid continue to offer their expertise, leadership and enthusiasm to the residents of our district.

Most of all, thanks to all the community members who voted yesterday.  Elections– particularly local primaries like this one– have important consequences for all of our lives.


PS: For those interested in the details, I ended up with the third most votes in the Democratic primary (behind Alisa Bowman and Ellen Lewis) and the fourth most votes in the Republican primary (behind Adam Smith, Alan Earnshaw, and Alisa Bowman).   You can see the specific vote totals here.

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