3/25/19 School Board Meeting Guide

Keystone exams for graduation, long term planning for building renovations, and ‘nicotine delivery products’ — Here’s a rundown of the items of most interest from last night’s East Penn School District board meeting:

Keystone Exams and Graduation Requirements: Keystone exams are NOT currently required for graduation, though many students and parents are led to believe that they are. The discussion of this issue revealed different opinions about the right balance to strike between the harm the focus on testing is doing in the classroom on the one hand, and state mandates requiring their use on the other. Watch here.

Age of School Buildings: The board discussed the initial steps for long term planning around aging schools and the potential need for renovations in the future. Watch here. (And see p.21 of the latest Long Range Fiscal Plan for a summary of the district buildings, their ages, and student capacities.)

Tobacco Policy Revisions: The existing policies prohibiting tobacco use on school grounds are being revised to better incorporate changes to how people smoke, including vaping and the use of Juuls. Watch here. (The policy revisions themselves can be found here.)

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