7/8/19 School Board Meeting Guide

Here are the two topics from last week’s board meeting that I think will be of most interest to people.

Update on new turf field

The engineering company responsible for replacing Lehigh’s football field with a new artificial turf field gave an update on the project, including how it might look, and updated schedules and costs. The executive summary is that the project is still on schedule for completion in August 2020, but the estimated costs have increased to a little less than $2 million based on additional plans like renovating the track surface (but still not including new lights or a new sound system). Watch by clicking here; presentation slides are available here. Note that approximately $1.45 million of the costs will be covered by the district’s marketing agreement with Lehigh Valley Health Networks.

A bond refinancing

The board voted 7-1 to proceed with refinancing $16.2 million in debt in order to save an estimated $160,000 in interest costs over the next ten years. Watch here; presentation slides available here.

The next board meeting is on August 12th.

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