1/25/21 School Board Meeting Guide

Last night’s school board meeting was shorter and less eventful than any we’ve had since the onset of the pandemic. No major decisions were made.

The most important thing that happened at the meeting was three current students who spoke during the public comment period about the ongoing problem of racial equity in the district. In particular, all three shared their concern that racism is seldom discussed openly or as an ongoing problem to be faced in our schools. The teachers they have spoken to about this issue are reluctant to bring up the topic both because they don’t feel they have sufficient training to do so, and because they fear a backlash from those who oppose frank discussions of the issue. All three asked the district to develop a measurable plan for creating a safe environment for teachers to discuss racism.

This is the second time students have come before the board this year to express their concerns about racial equity in our schools. In each case, they’ve done so with maturity and poise. I am grateful they are speaking up, and hopeful that their initiative and focus will contribute to creating a more equitable district for all students and staff.

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