10/25/21 School Board Meeting Guide

A social-emotional learning survey, new high school courses, and the resignation of Dr. Bacher (board president) were the main things you missed from last night’s board meeting.

10/26/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Small, but potentially significant, changes to high school courses was the main focus of East Penn’s latest school board meeting.

8/10/20 School Board Meeting Guide

The most detailed plans yet for what school days will look like in the fall. That plus a warning that all of it still might have to change were the main focus of last night’s school board meeting.

A Case for Reopening Our Schools

What’s the most persuasive case for reopening schools as fully as possible? I think it involves equity, quality, safety, and expert advice. Here’s why.

6/22/20 School Board Meeting Guide

A task force for safely reopening the schools, a plan for safely resuming school sports, and block scheduling coming to the high school this fall were key takeaways from last night’s school board meeting.

6/8/20 School Board Meeting Guide

School in the fall, racism, low income tax relief, the final budget, a new block scheduling at the high school, and special ed achievement were all topics at Monday’s marathon board meeting.

When CPR Training Hurts

CPR education is now a PA graduation requirement. But the new law may not be the best way to approach CPR training.