10/26/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Monday’s school board meeting was largely uneventful. The main focus was presentations on proposed changes to classes at the high school. The district would like to create a new remedial English course that those who are struggling with reading could take alongside their regular English courses. Watch the presentation here and view the presentation slides here. High school principal Dr. Kieres also outlined planned changes to existing high school courses, the most significant of which was increased academic credit for those enrolled in the Emerging Health Professionals program at LCTI, NCAA certification of the high school’s English courses at the general preparatory level, and a new dual-enrollment program that will allow students to earn college credit from West Chester University while taking select high school science classes. Watch the presentation for yourself here.

PS: While it was not a topic discussed at the board meeting, I also shared my own Status Report on Safely Reopening Our Schools this week. Please check it out if you haven’t already.

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