3/9/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Next year’s school calendar, a coronavirus update, the possibility of two new administrators, and budget planning were all covered at last night’s school board meeting.

1/27/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Next year’s preliminary budget and permanently preserving playground space at Jefferson were the main issues at Monday’s school board meeting.

12/9/19 School Board Meeting Guide

Tax relief for the elderly or disabled, the new turf field, and standardized testing results were the main topics at last night’s board meeting.

7/8/19 School Board Meeting Guide

New details (and new costs) for the artificial turf field replacement, and a bond refinancing that will save the district a little money were the main issues of interest at last week’s school board meeting.

6/24/19 School Board Meeting Guide

Debt restructuring and the problem of finding nursing services were the most discussed topics of last night’s school board meeting.

When CPR Training Hurts

CPR education is now a PA graduation requirement. But the new law may not be the best way to approach CPR training.

6/10/19 School Board Meeting Guide

No tax increase in next years budget, student free speech rights, and a perfect ACT score were key topics of last night’s board meeting.

Hidden Taxes

Harrisburg is once again quietly raising the cost of public education for local taxpayers.

2/11/19 School Board Meeting Guide

Interested in later high school start times? New turf field at EHS? New busing contract? Potential new staff positions? Then check out my guide to last night’s East Penn school board meeting.