8/23/21 School Board Meeting Guide

The superintendent explained her reasoning for universal masking at last night’s board meeting, which also featured more than 90 minutes of opinions from the public on school safety.

An Equity Lens on School Safety

Equity in the schools requires continual work. And it requires we recognize how racial disparities in the pandemic might influence decision-making about school safety.

Misunderstanding Masking

Optional masking implies we can make personal safety decisions without considering others. But a contagious pandemic doesn’t work that way.

Reconsidering Masks

A mask optional policy for school in the fall was adopted unanimously earlier this summer. But just six weeks later, we live in a different world– one that requires we consider universal masking in elementary and middle schools again.

2/22/21 School Board Meeting Guide

Planning (and obstacles) to 5-day in person instruction and next year’s budget were the chief topics of last night’s school board meeting.