7/27/20 School Board Meeting Guide

A revised, much-improved, health and safety plan for reopening East Penn schools has been approved. This and more news from last night’s board meeting.

Pandemic Education

Our schools, their approach to instruction, and their instructional practices were built around the very thing that spreads the virus the most: close, regular, sustained, interaction between diverse groups of children, teachers, parents, and staff. So what do we do now?

A Case for Keeping Schools Closed

What’s the most persuasive case for keeping our schools closed and teaching 100% remotely? I think it involves the national context, continued uncertainty, short vs. long term thinking, and the quality of education. Here’s why.

A Case for Reopening Our Schools

What’s the most persuasive case for reopening schools as fully as possible? I think it involves equity, quality, safety, and expert advice. Here’s why.

This is What Failure Looks Like

The impact of COVID-19 is not inevitable. To reopen our schools safely, we need to pivot from the public policy failures of recent months to embrace proven methods to beat back the pandemic.

The Least Bad Option?

Reopening the East Penn schools isn’t about choosing a good plan; it’s about choosing the least bad one. And not being sucked in by simplistic social media posts about the issue.

6/22/20 School Board Meeting Guide

A task force for safely reopening the schools, a plan for safely resuming school sports, and block scheduling coming to the high school this fall were key takeaways from last night’s school board meeting.

Grasping at School Safety Straws

Some schools now require clear plastic backpacks as a safety measure. Does anyone ever consider whether such policies actually work?

How to Judge School Safety Rumors

Lots of rumors of threats left many LMMS parents and students unsettled. Here’s some thoughts on how to judge stories we hear about school safety, the real-life dangers of safety rumors, and why it isn’t possible to share every single detail of every school incident.