Vote Tuesday: Munson, Fuller, Earnshaw & Heid


This is it!   I’ve knocked on over a thousand doors and written dozens of articles as part of this campaign.  I’ve sent postcards, made phone calls, given public speeches, put up yard signs, and done all the work I’ve learned is part of this process.  In short, I’ve done my level best to let our community know about the issues I believe are most important to our school district, and the ways I would approach those issues as a school board member. Not only that, many volunteers throughout the district have given hundreds of hours of their time and energy to help in the effort.

Now It’s Your Turn
It is now up to the community to decide who would best represent them as school board members.  Polls are open tomorrow (Tuesday, November 5th) from 7am until 8pm.  If you are unsure of your polling location, you can find it here.

Please vote for me, Z.W. Munson, for school board.  Please also vote for the other pro-education candidates in this race: Francee Fuller, Alan Earnshaw, and Rebecca Heid.  We have not run as a unified “team” and may not agree on every issue.  But we do share a common commitment to putting our community ahead of political party, letting the facts guide our decisions rather than the other way around, and doing what is right for the school district and taxpayers.

Have an Even Greater Impact
Want to multiply your voice in this important local election?  Call a friend or family member, or someone at your church or workplace, and ask them to go vote with you.  If every pro-education voter brings one other person who might not otherwise vote to the polls, we will win by a landslide.

Good schools really do matter!

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