Vote Pro-Education on Tuesday

I will be voting for Ken Bacher, Chuck Ballard, Paul Champagne, Rich Mathesz, and Wally Vinovskis in our local East Penn School Board elections on Tuesday.   Here is how these pro-education candidates explain their approach to school board service:
Dr. Ken Bacher is currently Vice-President of the school board and is running for his second term.  He is an incredibly smart guy with a deep understanding of the complicated financial issues the board must regularly address.  Mr. Chuck Ballard has served on the board longer than any of the district’s current students have been alive!  He is a vocal champion for strong public schools and regularly provides valuable institutional knowledge and insight at board meetings.  Reverend Wally Vinovskis was appointed to the board just two years ago and has been a reasoned voice for balance and consensus since that time.

This is the first time Mr. Paul Champagne has sought a position on the school board.  I first met Paul at the League of Women Voters Candidates Night last May, where he showed an impressive command of the issues facing our community.  Since then, I have found Paul to be a clear thinker and direct communicator who would be a great addition to the board. Mr. Rich Mathesz is also running in his first school board election.  He has proven himself to be focused on educational, rather than political, issues over the course of his campaign.  He is also a longtime security specialist, with skills and experience that might prove particularly valuable in light of the lockdown and cancelled school at Emmaus High School last week.

These five candidates are very different people who bring different experience and expertise to the board.  I won’t agree with any of them on every issue facing our schools.  But I know that all five are pro-education members of the community who I can trust to make independent decisions based on facts and the good of our public education system, rather than partisan political commitments.

Local elections often have the greatest and most immediate impact on our lives, so please take the time to vote on Tuesday.  Good schools really do matter!

Here are some additional materials that may help you in research the candidates:


3 Reasons to Vote for Wally Vinovskis.  My more detailed explanation for why I support Reverend Wally Vinovskis for school board.


Outside Money Means Less Local Control.  A discussion of how outside money from partisan sources in this election could impact the local control of our schools.


3 Myths about Common Core.  Every current school board candidate is a skeptic of Common Core (now known here as PA Core Standards).  But not everyone is telling the truth about it.  ​


Voter Guide from the Lehigh Valley League of Women Voters.  The guide provides basic information (e.g. education, qualifications, etc.) for each candidate.

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