7 Things You Might Not Know About Transgender Students


My post on the trumped up transgender bathroom controversy at Emmaus High School got a bigger response than anything I’ve ever put on this blog.  If you’re like me, you probably didn’t grow up around many people who were openly transgender and very well might not have friends or family who publicly identify as trans.  One of the chief sources of uncertainty, fear, and controversy around transgender students in our school district stems from this lack of knowledge and familiarity.  Here are the most helpful things others have sent me to help overcome such uncertainty and fear…

A short but moving description from a mother of a trans girl who makes clear that the issue is about the dignity and worth of our children, not political correctness:

A father– Republican, National Rifle Association member, and military veteran– discussing the difference between his twins, one of whom is trans:
An explanation by a trans girl helped me walk a few minutes in her shoes:
A more local perspective is provided by a recent feature story by the Morning Call, which profiles the journey of two Lehigh Valley trans students and offers some helpful definitions of different terms used in discussion of sexual identity.

One doesn’t have to agree with everything the speakers in these videos and article say to agree with the hope that all our children have the right to claim their own authentic identity and not have one forced on them by outside social norms or peer pressure.  

Okay, I’ll fess up and say that I don’t know if there are seven things to be learned here, or twenty things, or three.  But if you’re like me, you certainly learned something.

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5 thoughts on “7 Things You Might Not Know About Transgender Students”

  1. We are only afraid of or incredulous to things we don’t understand. When we, as human beings, take the time to learn from, speak to, respect and develop compassion for others we can actually have true empathy for their personal struggles. I am committed to educating others to the issues that face transgender children, teens and adults. I hope articles like this are shared far and wide so that people can begin to educate themselves and others. Thank you

  2. Education is critical to understanding. Understanding breeds respect… and for trans kids that respect is life saving. All trans kids and their families have my full support!

  3. Thanks for writing this. As you can see in these videos, most of us parents of transgender children did not know much about this topic either before our children expanded our horizons. Just remember, they are simply children wanting to be their true selves. Science and research are on our side for supporting them on their journey. Fear does not add to the solution!

  4. I love this article! Thank you for compiling all these great resources in brief summary. I hope it helps spread awareness and understanding for all the trans/kids/people in our world!


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