School Board Voter Guide 2017

Good school boards lead to good schools.  The good news is that all seven candidates for  the East Penn board this year support strong public education in our community.  Want more information to help you decide who to vote for?  You can read what the candidates have made available at the links below.  You will be able to vote for four:

The League of Women Voters of the Lehigh Valley has published a voting guide that includes very short statements by all the candidates (available here).   So have both the Morning Call (available here) and the East Penn Press (available here).

Most importantly, don’t forget to vote for the candidates of your choice next Tuesday, May 16th.  Polls are open
from 7am to 8pm (if you aren’t sure where to vote, you can check here).

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  1. Thank You Dr. Munson. I found this site to be very informative. I have a difficult decision as for whom I will vote. However, be assured, you will be one of my 4 choices


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