Host a Meet and Greet

Do you care about our local schools?  Our local taxes?

Do you have a book club, church group, parents group, or just a group of neighbors you talk to or would like to get to know better?  If so, please invite me to come join you in a ‘meet and greet’ discussion of local school district issues.

Our schools are the most important public institution in our community, yet many people don’t know very much about the current issues facing our district.  Most don’t even know who is running for school board.  You can help change that by hosting a meet and greet discussion at your home or a local library or coffee shop.

This is a chance to talk informally and freely about the school issues that affect all of us.    A meet and greet is easy, low stress, and a great way to get involved and get to know your community better.  I can learn more about your concerns.  And you can learn more about me and the current issues in our district.

Time is running out before the May 16th primary elections for school board.  Are you willing to host something in the next two weeks?  Email me and I’ll help!

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