The Right to Vote is More Important Than Weather

Please vote tomorrow.  The weather forecast isn’t good, but a little rain and cold shouldn’t stop you from exercising your right.  Remember that millions of your fellow Americans have fought– and died– to protect that right.  And as our country’s recent history demonstrates, elections have consequences.  The results WILL affect your life, so be sure to have your say.

The consequences extend to our public schools.  As I wrote after the shooting massacre in Florida earlier this year, the only way to stop school gun violence is to demand elected representatives that get to the root causes.  The election tomorrow is our chance to make that demand.  It is our chance to ACT.

Need help sorting through the different candidates and options?  I’ve put several links below to information that has helped me.  But let me also mention one candidate in particular: Tomorrow I will be voting for Susan Wild to represent our community in Congress.  I first met Susan not as a political candidate, but as resident interested in the success of the East Penn Schools.  She regularly attended and participated in meetings of parents and other concerned community members to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of East Penn, as well as the future of our district.  Susan was a key voice in encouraging me to serve on the East Penn School board and she helped me– behind the scenes and without fanfare– through the process.   The experience taught me a lot about Susan’s intelligence, knowledge, and commitment to both public education and the community.

I’ve found to be a useful site for getting beyond all the negative attacks in our political system and learning where candidates stand on the actual issues.  Here’s links to that info for Susan Wild and Marty Nothstein.

This 7th District Congressional race is not the only one that will be decided tomorrow.  Other important state-level races will also have a big impact on our schools.  Here are some resources I found useful in making my choices:

I have strong feelings about which candidates will best serve the public good.  But whether you agree or disagree with my choices, be sure to make your voice heard by voting on Tuesday!

PS: Not sure where to vote?  You can find out here.

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