1/28/19 School Board Meeting Guide

You can now watch the East Penn School District’s meetings for yourself. Most of the decisions at last night’s meeting were routine. But the district administration did provide a detailed overview of three of the seven new staff positions they would like to fund in next year’s budget:

An elementary level guidance counselor: There are currently six in the district. Hiring another would allow each elementary school to have its own full-time counselor. The approximate cost for salary and benefits would be $100,000. Watch here. And here are the presentation slides, as they are impossible to see in the recording.

An elementary level school psychologist: There are currently five in the district, which has not been sufficient to meet state requirements for timely testing of students for possible special education needs. The approximate cost for salary and benefits would be $100,000. Watch here. And the accompanying presentation slides.

A (part time) elementary level staff assistant: There are currently thirty-four in the district. The new position would provide supervision and support to students during lunch and recess. The approximate cost for salary would be $20,000. Watch here. And accompanying presentation slides.

The next meeting of the board is Monday, February 11th. The board will vote on next year’s budget on April 8 and June 10 (check out my School Budget 101 for details on how the budget process works).

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