School Board Election Picks

We’ll be again voting for the people to represent our community on the East Penn School Board this Tuesday. While the dysfunction of national politics continues to dominate the news, local elections like the school board have a more direct, immediate, and measurable impact on all of our day-to-day lives. So please vote! Polls are open this Tuesday, November 5th, from 7am until 8pm. Click here if you’re unsure where to vote.

Here are my recommendations for the school board:

  • Allan Byrd
  • Jeff Jankowski
  • Joshua Levinson
  • Ken Bacher
  • Paul Champagne

This is a mix of people appearing on the ballot as Republicans, Democrats, and both, so please don’t choose the straight party vote option. I also recommend voting for Naomi Winch as the only candidate running for the single 2-year school board position.

Allan Byrd, Jeff Jankowski, and Joshua Levinson have all been recently appointed to vacancies on the board. Ken Bacher is the president of the board and running for a third term. Paul Champagne is vice-president and running for a second term. The thing I appreciate most about all five of these candidates is their willingness to dig in and discuss the issues our district faces without holding on to preconceived opinions or the meaningless talking points of our national political parties. There is more substantive discussion of the school and community issues on the board right now than at any time since I joined the board myself six years ago. I don’t agree with any of these candidates on all issues, but I can count on all five of them to make thoughtful votes, and I remain confident that they always have both our children and our community members in mind, even when we disagree on a specific issue.

Each candidate in the race provides a short statement on the issues they think are most important in the League of Women Voter’s 2019 Voter Guide (pp.8-9). Please remember to vote this Tuesday!

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