Student Views on Distance Learning

I recently spoke to kids in East Penn elementary, middle, and high schools about what it’s like to be doing school from home. Take a look at what they told me yourself:

Here’s what I learned: All three students felt the schoolwork that was expected of them was both easy and short. The hardest thing for all three of them has been loneliness (my word, not theirs) and the loss of important social bonds they all have with peers and teachers in school. And all three were pragmatic about the current situation: they’ve rolled with this and done the best they can in the circumstances they’ve been handed. They struck me as adaptable, resilient, and ready to meet what comes next.

This doesn’t represent every student’s experience, of course. No three people could. But they do still provide a window into the school lives of many kids right now. Thanks for sharing your stories Jeremy, Kai, and Maddie. And good luck to all East Penn students in these final days of the school year!

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