A Case for Reopening Our Schools

What’s the most persuasive case for reopening schools as fully as possible? I think it involves equity, quality, safety, and expert advice. Here’s why.

7/13/20 School Board Meeting Guide

Last night’s board meeting was all about what school will look like in East Penn this fall. (Spoiler: nothing will be normal.)

Student Views on Distance Learning

Ever wonder how kids of different ages have experienced the distance learning of the past few months? I spoke to a elementary, middle, and high school student to find out. Here’s what they told me.

Podcasting from the Classroom

Why yes, East Penn teachers DO work with students to produce podcasts! Here’s a great example of innovation in our schools.

What’s Your Learning Style? Psych!

Think of yourself as a visual learner? You may be wrong! Lots of people believe in different learning styles, but do they really exist?

Raising the Bar

I’ve written several times now about the need for innovative approaches to education that recognize and embrace the information revolution. …

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